Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Eastern Rosellas feeding in Lismore

The end of a very warm late October day in Lismore and some Eastern Rosellas (Platycercus eximius) turn up at the bird feeder. They are very pretty birds but they have a very awkward and harsh sounding squawk especially in flight but then they land on the bird feeder they have a much nicer sound. They always seem to be around Lismore during spring and love eating large seeds. I've never seen them eating in the wild though I assume that grasses and small fruits would be their diet.

The last few weeks have been very dry with alternating periods of hot and cool weather. Since the dry has developed I have noticed that the Rosellas seem to be more frequent visitors at the bird feeder, maybe the weather has been affecting their food supply? Either way the birds were not very happy about my presence and although I kept a good distance they always kept an eye on what I was doing. These two look a little different, I understand that the one with a patchy appearance on the head is immature.

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