Sunday, 28 October 2012


I'm not very good at birds (I'm actually a geologist) so as I learn about them I will post them on this blog to remind me what they are, where I found them and when they were there.  Though I won't double up on common birds unless I see them in slightly odd places or times.

I use the Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds 2nd Edition to identify them.

I live in the northern rivers of the New England region of New South Wales and my main blog is on the geology of our region, it can be found here. Therefore many of the birds I get the best chance to photograph are from this region. You probably won't find too may rare birds here but mostly common ones since they are the ones I can photograph easily. Hopefully, this will interest other people too, though expert ornithologists probably might see this blog as a little too basic.

Posting might be intermittent but hopefully regular enough to keep people interested.

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